Our Model

CPS Recruiting is positioned to assist you with your recruiting needs. We aim to bridge the gap between your company and the qualified candidates that you need to fill your open position.

In today's business environment, it is crucial to hire smart, hardworking, and a proactive pool of talent because the competition in all industries is quite stiff.  Now, in order for you to attract, hire and retain such the best way to start is with the hiring process.

So how is the hiring process conducted? 

First, we operate on a national level so you can rest assured that we will not be lacking for a pool of talented individuals to search from.

Second, we are a client focused recruiting firm, we work with you to develop a list of requirements. What qualifications does a prospective employee need to possess in order to contribute to the success of your company?  How will their talents measure up against the competition?  What personal and professional qualities do they need to possess in order to be suitable for a particular job position? Do we have a cultural fit?

Third, using proven recruiting methodologies with a focus on client's competitors and vertical industry peers, CPS Recruiting is able to uncover the passive candidates most desirable in today's job market

Fourth, after working on the requirements list with you, the weeding process begins, interviews will be conducted and final candidates will be screened. Lastly, all the other intricacies involved with the hiring process will also be taken care of for you.